Succulents + White Pumpkins

In the spirit of all things fall and the changing seasons; and with the approaching holidays and family gatherings, we wanted to create a classy and unique way to spruce up your traditional table decor. My friend Sarah from luvthesmiths (who I have to thank and give all photo credits!) and I decided to team up and collaborate on this concept.


What you need:

-mini pumpkins (you could do this with a big one if you’d rather make a centerpiece) 




-adhesive spray (we ended up not using glue dots)

-hot glue gun

Main items cost breakdown:

3 pack of mini white pumpkins – $4

succulents – $5

moss – $8

Step 1:

Trim your succulents in small pieces. Do not worry so much about making uniform cuts or snipping to an exact length. The charm of this project is in its organic design.


Step 2:

Use spray adhesive or glue dots to secure moss around the stem of the pumpkin. Try to leave a little ring of space for the succulent stems.


Step 3:

Play with your succulent placement BEFORE gluing. This way you can secure them quickly without letting the glue dry.

Step 4:

Using your hot glue gun, apply generous amounts of glue to the ring around the stem area of your pumpkin. Quickly place your succulents on the glue. In a gentle (but firm) manner, hold each succulent piece in the glue for a few seconds. After the glue has dried, try to pull off any “spiderwebs” of the glue.


Total time spent on assembly: about one hour

That’s it! Simple, quick, and painless. Not to mention, now you have a beautiful fall decor piece that can serve as a place setting, party favor, centerpiece, or even a hostess gift.





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