Mom Jeans

A long time ago when my husband proposed to me and we rented our first apartment together, I was going to grad school full time and we were living solely on his salary. Trying to be thrifty I attempted my hand at a blog called “The Budgeting Bride”. Tried being the operative word as I kept up with it for a short period of time and then dropped it completely. Partly due to time, partly due to embarrassment of saying “Hi, I have a blog…” and being judged for putting myself and thoughts out there.

A few years went by and I still longed to be like my blog-role models (yeah, I know). Thinking to myself, “I can cook. I can DIY. So why not put it out there?” Three Birds first attempt came around a few months ago, and then life got busy and it fell to the way side. This time however, I was determined to make it work. I needed a hobby. After the summer, I decided to start it back up, and why not be that person and put my ideas and thoughts out there? So I reached out to a friend of mine, Sarah from luvthesmiths, who I’ve known for years.

Over a few glasses of wine at a local wine bar (okay, Whole Foods – I told you I was obsessed), we decided to collaborate on “Mom Jeans”. Here you will find DIY projects that incorporate a similar item/theme (ie-pumpkins, succulents, holidays, etc.) We will each showcase a different way to use said item, the materials needed, the cost, time, and steps. We will also discuss our views on various parenting issues/topics, as well as things we have found useful and maybe not so useful as first time moms.

We hope you enjoy what we have and can use some of our ideas in your own life! Enjoy!



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