Visit: Cobbler Mountain


Cidering? I’m not sure if that is the correct term for the act of drinking cider – but, here we are.

Another perfect fall day in Virginia. With the weather sitting in the mid 60s, abundant blue skies, and the leaves beginning to turn, it was the perfect afternoon to sit outside in the country side sipping on hard cider and visiting with family. Similar to breweries and distilleries, cideries have been popping up all over the place. What is nice about Cobbler Mountain, is that they have a wine AND cider. Their extensive property sits high on (you guessed it) Cobbler Mountain, and has gorgeous views of the the Virginia countryside below and beyond. Their tasting room is casual and bear themed. There is even a unique cubby hole in the wall for children to play in, that has all kinds of toys.

My husband and I have been for the wine before, but this time were interested in the cider. Since it was a GORGEOUS day, we opted for buying four types and each choosing one to sip while we snacked on cheese and crackers by the fire pit.


I had the ginger peach cider. WOW. It was beyond good; and tasted like a delicious, slightly carbonated, peach juice. I would highly recommend this one if peaches are a flavor you enjoy.

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