Clifton Day


This morning my husband and I wanted to take H out to do something fun before the game. In a quick online search (before my morning coffee mind you), we discovered that the Historic District of Clifton hosts a “Clifton Day”. I am not sure how many years they have been doing this, but for future reference, they host Clifton Day the Sunday of Columbus Day weekend. The festival starts at 9:30 am and goes until 5 pm. Parking costs $5 and the money goes to the local Boy Scouts.

Unsure of what to expect once we got there, we were beyond impressed. 3-4 streets were lined with vendors selling various wares such as handmade candles, stained glass art, hand carved walnut ladles and cutting boards, local honey, antiques, unique toys and gifts for kids, Angora scarves/hats/blankets (with the rabbit “Panda” that the Angora comes from), a rehabilitated bulldog kissing booth – you name it. In addition to these vendors, the fire station was open for kids to tour, there were beer booths, wine gardens, multiple live music events, and a variety of food. The park behind the church on Main Street had a bunch of activities for kids. There was a bounce house, snow cone bus, sand art, playground, bubbles, and baby goats.

Clifton Day was a pleasant surprise to us, and an absolutely perfect way to spend a beautiful October morning in Virginia.



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