Visit: Cox Farms

Growing up, I always saw people going to Cox Farms. Pictures flooded my news feed of people I knew playing on the hay slides, posing with orange pumpkins, always clad in the fall uniform – leggings, plaid, and riding boots, probably a PSL in hand. For whatever reason, I never went. Maybe it was the the traffic that would occur due to others trying to get in the fall spirit like myself, or the price tag, or maybe it was because I didn’t have a child with me at the time. Whatever the reason, I was always a little envious.

Since my husband had never been before either, we decided to check it out after the game. I highly recommend this time to go if you just want to putter around and check it out, gnawing on an apple cider doughnut or two – okay, dozen.

We arrived at 4:30, which was when they start selling their “last call” tickets. Normally the cost of a ticket during weekends in October is $17/pp ($15 for weekends in September and November), but since we arrived at “last call” they take $5 off each ticket. The only caveat to this is that you do not get to select a small pumpkin on your way out of the farm. Kind of a bummer, but for the $10 we saved, I can go to Safeway and buy H a handful of small pumpkins if I felt so inclined. Luckily, she is not of the age to know that she could be a gifted a tiny gourd. Since H is still so little, we were not able to go on a lot of the hay slides and rope swings. If you do not mind missing these parts, the 4:30 time frame is your best bet for a visit.

Once we were in the park, we loved walking around and checking out all of the activities the farm had to offer. Hay slides, animals, rope swings, free apples and cider samples, other food like nachos, doughnuts, hot dogs – you name it.

We walked around the “Imaginature Forest”. A fairy tale themed walk through the woods that I imagine doubles as a haunted trail in the evenings. There were bears, gnomes, Alice in Wonderland, Goldilocks, and many more familiar faces to look at. Our favorite was the Alice in Wonderland and Billy Goats Gruff stations.

After the forest, we ventured towards the hay ride. The last ride is at 5:30. This was another highlight of our time at the farm. In addition to interesting stations, there are a few interactive ones with kids portraying various parts like Superman, aliens, and wizards.

To end our time there, we snacked on apple cider doughnuts ($1 for 1 to $9 for a dozen), and looked at the pumpkins right before the sun was about to set. All in all, this was a great way to spend a sunny and warm fall afternoon; and will be a place we will keep on our fall repertoire for many years to come.




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