When we first started dating in college, My husband and I used to pool our kitchens together and would whip up some amazing dishes that would beyond exceed the normal college diet of Cup of Noodles and leftover pizza. As we have grown up, we have continued to share a love of cooking and trying new recipes.

Last night we went to Cookology. We have been here once before, and had had such a great time learning new skills in the kitchen. This time, we signed up for a lesson in making Pad Thai, spring rolls, and fried plantains. Chef Tony led us and about nine other couples in an action packed two hour lesson, as well as gave us some background knowledge of some of the ingredients, and tips on proper ways to fry, cut, dice, etc.

Cookology classes range in cuisines, as well as give lessons in basic kitchen knowledge. They classes are a bit on the pricey side, but definitely worth considering for a special occasion date night. Cookology even hosts summer camps and birthday parties.


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