Visit: Clemjontri Park

This past Sunday, we ventured to Clemyjontri park in McLean. Over the summer my friend introduced H and I to this wonderful place on a play date, and I was antsy to show it off to my husband.

Clemyjontri is an absolutely wonderful place for a morning/afternoon of fun with your littles. Tucked behind some amazing homes in McLean, and a quick jaunt off of Georgetown Pike, this park is free and will blow your mind. Unlike traditional playgrounds, Clemyjontri was designed for ALL children. The wide spaces and adaptive equipment allow children of all physical abilities to enjoy some quality time outside. One of the most unique features of this playground is the “Liberty Swing”. This swing is of unique design and allows children in wheelchairs the chance to enjoy the pure fun of swinging. In addition to accommodating children with varying physical abilities, Clemyjontri  has a plethora of playground equipment with themes such as letters, numbers, telling time, geography, etc.  The uniquely themed playground equipment wraps around a magnificent carousel. Tickets for the carousel are $2 per child and free for one accompanying adult.

Word to the wise: H and I first visited the park midweek in the morning time. Understandably, the crowds were far more minimal then when we went last week. Try to go early OR time it with the kickoff to the Redskins game, as we noticed this was when it seemed to clear out.


For more information on this amazing place visit their county website at:

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