Falling into Fall

Despite the continuous stream of 90+ degree days we have had, I finally started to get into the fall spirit. Even though I am antsy to put out my Halloween decor (cue glass skull votive candle holders and Frankenstein-esque decanters, bottles, and the like), I cannot bring myself to it until October 1st. Until then however, it is subtle decor that will bring a bit of fall into our home.


It is no secret that I love my neighborhood Whole Foods for a variety of reasons. Currently this week, it is their selection of pumpkins that won me over. In addition to the most amazing deal I think I’ve ever seen on carving pumpkins (large, beautiful, and 2 for $10), they have small gourds, pumpkin pie pumpkins, large GORGEOUS white pumpkins, and my absolute favorite – heirloom pumpkins. These pumpkins are phenomenal. Yes, PHENOMENAL. They come in all shapes and sizes; and range in colors like off white, to a eucalyptus green, pale orange, and spotted. The best part? Whole Foods is selling them for $8.99 a pumpkin! Not a pound people. A PUMPKIN. Yes this can add up, and J would probably kill me if I overindulged on them, but these pumpkins are such a statement that one or two will do just fine.