The “new” neutrals

Neutrals are a great safety net for fashion. Very rarely can you go wrong with pieces in black, white, gray, tan, and navy. For me, I extend this “go to” group to Breton stripes and leopard print. Leopard print? But isn’t that for 60s mod and vinyl couches? No way! Leopard print has run numerous victory laps in the fashion world for years, and continues to do so today. Every year you can find the print in some capacity, texture, material, or item. It is up to the buyer to decide what is “classic” leopard, and what is well… vinyl couches.
The newest additions to my shoe closet are flat, pointy, and have a little personality that gives them that little bit of “ooh la la”.
Left: Steve Madden ‘Lecrew’ flats. Some time ago, I spotted these amazing flats from M. Gemi. I saw them in various ads and pictures, and decided that they’d make great additions to my closet. Unfortunately, these beautifully crafted Italian shoes come with quite a substantial price tag that I just couldn’t get myself to love. After searching the Internet, I stumbled upon The Brezza’s doppelganger, and decided that the $70 price tag was much more up my alley. Steve Madden makes the Lecrew in a few different neutral colors such as blush and black suede. They also have similar styles of a different name that come in other colors and patterns.
Right: Ivanka Trump ‘Chic’ flats. I have been wanting to replace my old leopard print flats for awhile now. But as I am a little picky on the type of leopard print I was looking for, I never seemed to find the right pair. A few weeks ago, I stumbled on these flats at Nordstrom. The have a “hair” like texture to them and the heel doesn’t feel stiff. (As my job requires me to be on my feet most of the day, I am very picky about the flats that I wear. Before I buy any pair, I “test” their heels but lightly pressing down on them. If they bend easily, the chance for blisters is minimal.)

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