DIY – Flower Crowns

I have been obsessed with flower crowns for awhile now, but unfortunately I don’t frequent music festivals as much as I’d like, or lay in fields of wildflowers in my spare time. H’s first birthday was a garden theme (also on the opening weekend of Coachella), so a flower crown seemed appropriate.
*floral wire (it’s easier if you get the pre-cut pieces) 22 gauge
*floral tape
*flowers of your choosing (since she is a tiny person, I opted for tiny flowers)
*patience (lots of it
First, cut a piece of wire (if you don’t buy the pre-cut kind) or fastened a few pieces together in the desired circumference. Keep in mind that you will be adding lots of layers of tape and flowers to the wire, so it is best to make it a bit on the looser side.
Next, make small bouquets of the flowers, securing the base of each with a piece of the floral tape. Be sure to pull it tightly and then press it firmly into itself to ensure a bond. Otherwise, you may have pieces of the tape sticking up.
After you create your bouquets, adhere them to the wire crown using more of the tape. Work your way around the entire crown and the desired amount of flowers you wish to done.



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