Bird’s 1st Birthday


Last weekend we had the joy of celebrating our daughter’s first birthday. The day was gorgeous and perfectly timed with the blooming of the three huge cherry trees that cover our driveway. Because of the time of year, we went with a garden/floral theme.


Gold Mylar balloons (reusable!) that I ordered off of Etsy. The two accent paper flowers are part of Target’s recent Cinco de Mayo themed decor.

Working around nap time schedules can be difficult, and when you need the person of the hour to be happy and cordial to her guests, it is critical to take this into consideration when planning. Our part was early to late afternoon, so because of this timing, we served BBQ from our favorite local BBQ.

*     *     *
The entrance way is a key place to show off to your guests, not only does it welcome them, but also seamlessly adds flow and character to your whole party. Entrance way decor does not have to be over the top, just a few elements that will add a polished look to your whole gathering.
*     *     *
In lieu of gifts for our daughter, we asked people to donate to the Kybele group in Ghana. (This was not completely random, as her godfather is a doctor and volunteered there this past winter.) My husband and I feel that our children will grow up knowing the importance of helping others, and have decided that every year on their birthday they will have to “give back” somehow. As she gets older, we will include her on the decision of who/what this will look like.



*     *     *


In addition to corn hole being set up outside, we had a DIY “photo booth” set up for our guests to partake in. We covered a wooden trellis from my parent’s house in paper flowers for various colors and sizes, and added the sign “Happy bee day”. On a chair near by we propped up a frame that read “They say a picture is worth 1,000 words, so please snap a photo of yourself so we can tell H the story of her first birthday.” We attached an old phone of ours to a selfie stick, and left it there as an activity for guests to do. Not only would this photo booth provide a  source of entertainment for our guests, but we can send the pictures people took of themselves in our thank you notes.
*     *     *
To add to our garden theme, we purchased miniature galvanized water cans that were used as vases on each of the tables. These “vases” were placed in a mint colored wooden tray ($1 section at Target), with wrapped silverware.  All of the centerpieces were then placed on top of a paper chalkboard runner, so that guests could doodle or write notes while they ate.
*     *     *
Since the timing was in the middle of the afternoon, we opted to keep desserts light and to a minimum. We purchased this delicious yellow cake with strawberry filling cake from Whole Foods, made a handful of chocolate mousses “Dirt” cups, and had a DIY candy bar.
Instead of doing a “smash cake”, we opted for a cupcake that matched the sheet cake.
In addition to make and take bags of candy, we had miniature party hats for all of our baby guests to wear, as well as a tube of bubbles. For the adults, we had a flower bucket filled with “just add water” basil plants and wildflower seed packets.
*     *     *
All in all, I think that H had an extremely successful and lovely first birthday. She ran around the entire time laughing and playing with all of her guests. Thank you to all of our friends and family who helped us make this such a wonderful 1st birthday for her!

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