And so it begins…

Here we have, yet another “lifestyle” blog that documents style, DIY, recipes, yadda yadda… real original I know. Unimaginative and pessimistic me is rolling her eyes and shaking her head. Like every other blogger out there, I too have wanted to start my own site for a long time now. In fact, flashback to four years ago, I took a few steps on the Path de Blogging. I started, got lazy, doubted what I was putting out there, and even felt a little silly for having a “blog”. Well, a new age bracket is fast approaching me, and with this new age will come a new found sense of wisdom (or so I am telling myself), self-confidence, and a “I do what I want” attitude. 30 is the new sassy? Why the heck not?
Okay, so you’ve read this far. One of two things have happened a) you are thinking to yourself “who is this nut? Let’s watch this train-wreck derail” quickly, or b) you are so intrigued by my opener that you feel drawn to continue reading for fear of missing something amazing. Even though I do hope it’s more of the later, I am aware that putting myself and ideas out there will open a door of judgement from the Internet trolls. Move along trolls, ain’t no body got time for you.
Why the name?
My husband and I refer to our baby girl as ‘Bird’. Since my intentions for this site are to highlight various aspects of our lifestyle, “Three Birds Nest” seemed fitting.
What type of content will you post about?
Posts will vary in content. Some may feature decor ideas, other will highlight DIY projects/ideas, recipes, and style.
Okay, so you have ideas. Why should I add your site into my repertoire of online reads?
Sounds like a personal decision to  me, and personally, my witty bantar should be the only selling point you really need.

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